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Sunday Classes


Take advantage of the opportunities to learn, grow, and build relationships through the Goshen Adult Sunday classes (10:00 - 10:45 a.m.). Come join us.  Let this be the time you step deeper into God’s Word and into the fellowship of God’s people!


Fall Adult Electives

Beginning Sunday, September 16, at 10:00 a.m.

  • Family Foundations, Family Life Center:  “Onward”—a video discussion series from Russell Moore about engaging the culture without losing the gospel, looking at our Christian presence in a secular society.  Leader Team:  Fraziers, Schildknechts, Tedrows
  • Fellowship Class, Room 106:  The Gospel of Matthew. Matthew’s Gospel was written primarily to his fellow Jews.  He wrote to present Jesus as the Messiah and to explain God's kingdom to his readers.  Leader:  John Kelley
  • Home Builders Organization (HBO), Room 014:  Letters to the Thessalonians. We will look at how Paul ministered to the community of believers to prevent them from becoming conformed to the world around them.  Leader:  Terry Stick
  • Through the Bible, Fellowship Hall:  The Gospel of Mark. Mark is jam-packed full of adventures, miracles, and Jesus’ teachings, moving quickly from one event to the next.  Come join us for this important study!  Leader:  Jim Flye
  • Women’s Class, Library:  The Prophecy of Isaiah. Isaiah was a poet, a pastor, and a shepherd who was called by God to persuade the people to trust in Him alone.  This study under­scores how trust­worthy our God is!  Leader:  Cindy Maxwell
  • Young Adults, Room 003:  Jonah—You Can’t Outrun Grace. Join us for a video discussion series from Paul Tripp—a journey through the Book of Jonah to discover how God chases us down, forgives us, and gives us a second chance to participate in the work of his kingdom.  Leader:  Pete Manni

Come join us!

10:00 - 10:45 a.m.