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"Alive & Well"

Sermons for Life from the Gospel of John

Winter-Spring 2018 - Pastor Peter Nelson


Whether you’ve been a Christian for a long time, or you’re stepping out in faith to follow Jesus just now, or even if you’re not sure what to make of the extraordinary man from Nazareth, John’s Gospel will bring you face to face with Jesus Christ in all his love, wisdom, and spiritual power.  And he’ll reveal the way of life—the true and eternal life you were made for!

Mar. 18      John 10, “Abundant Life”

Mar. 25      John 11, “Love That’s Stronger Than Death”

Apr. 1         John 12, “Father, Glorify Your Name!”

Apr. 8         John 13, “Do as I Have Done to You”

Apr. 15      John 14, “Jesus Prepares a Place for Us”

Apr. 22      John 15, “The Fruitful Life of Abiding in Jesus”

Apr. 29      [Guest preacher, Andy Manzo]

May 6         John 16, “Jesus Sends the Spirit”

May 13      John 17, “In but not of the World”

May 20      John 18, “My Kingdom is not of this World”

May 27      John 19, “It Is Finished”

June 3         John 20, “My Lord and My God”

June 10      John 21, “Feed My Sheep”