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Welcome to our Student Ministry webpage!  I'm the Director of Student Ministries, DJ Cronrath, and I wanted to share what our students are up to here at Goshen.  Thanks for coming and feel free to check out my bio page here: DJ

Middle School and High School Gatherings and Events (June to September)

Students, grades 6-12, gather weekly to grow in the knowledge of God through Sunday School and our youth group meetings.  We also will meet for additional planned activities (a calendar of events will be provided to students during their first meeting).

  • Sunday School at 10:00 a.m.

Youth Group

Begins on September 16th 6:45-8:30 p.m.  Join us!

  • What is Youth Group?  It's an exciting time to connect with friends in a safe and fun enivornment.  Students compete in games, worship together, and spend time with leaders as they grow in their faith.  Each night we will meet together for games and worship and then split Middle School and High School students for a time of seperate teaching and small groups.



We had an amazing week at Waypoint!  Each night we had exciting new games like Waterslide Kickball, Archery Tag, and 4-Ways to Win, to THE CHALLENGE each night (one involving eating octopus).  Friday we finished strong with Mission Impposible, our obstacle course with messy, fun, and difficult missions.  Each night we hear from an amazing speaker, Nolan Pierce, who showed us that Jesus is our Waypoint.  The band, On The Way, was not only brought it on stage, but joined in on the games and especially Waterslide Kickball!

If you weren't able to go this year, we hope to have you next year!  Thanks to all, students and volunteers, that made this an amazing kick-off to our summer.  Check out all our photos and video on our Facebook.


Visit our Facebook page for additional information on our events, and for more pictures and videos.