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Stories of God's Grace

April 2017

We received the following report from one of our global partners in the Middle East. (The names have been changed to protect privacy).

Youssef is a student at one of the Islamic Universities in our region.  One day in class, he was listening to the professor and found that he was being very sarcastic about Christianity and Judaism.  Youssef asked himself, “How can we make fun of them without really understanding their faith?”  He decided to download the Bible on his mobile.  As he read, he found he was very happy to learn about Jesus and his teaching.  Youssef found the Bible to be completely different from the Qur’an.  He went online to research more about Jesus, and found our website..

One day he phoned us and asked to meet someone face to face.  We assigned Ahmed to get together with him, and they agreed to meet.  He had a lot of questions, and Ahmed did his best to answer them.  Finally, Youseff prayed with Ahmed to receive Jesus.

Youseff told us that his brother, Bashshar, had had a dream about Jesus and decided to follow Him.  The family found out about Bashshar’s conversion.  They thought it was likely that Bashshar was mentally ill, and the psychiatrist told them that because he had decided to leave Islam and convert to Christianity he must be suffering from schizophrenia.  His family forced him to take antipsychotics, which resulted in Bashshar becoming really ill.

Youseff knew what would happen to him, but he was not able to ignore his convictions, and told his family.  They began to beat him in order to force him to convert back to Islam.  Now, under this pressure, he prays the Islamic prayers five times a day to avoid being forced into the same situation as his brother.

Youseff met Masud, a friend at college, who asked many questions about Christianity and the relationship between God and man.   Youseff phoned us asking how he could introduce Masud to the Christian faith.  Youseff told us he needs to be properly discipled so that he can do the same with Masud

I was very encouraged to see a new believer like Youseff, under so much pressure, anxious to reach out to others so quickly.  Please pray for Youseff,  Bashshar, and the new seeker Masud.




" . . . spreading the fame of His name . . . "