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Stories of God's Grace

October 2017

We received the following report from our global partners Bern and Patty Schraut, who work with Trans World Radio in Austria.


A Listener Response from Turkey writes:

I grew up in a conservative family, and have lived in fear all my life. As a little girl, I was told that if a man saw even a strand of my hair, the hair on my head would turn to snakes and bite me, and that I would burn in hell. I was also told that if I made eye contact with a man I would go blind. I lived in fear of doing anything wrong. I was required to learn the Quran in Arabic, and did not question anything I was taught because I was too afraid. When I was 18, I was forced into marriage and eventually had two children. Nobody asked me if I wanted to be married. I never had a choice.One day when I was searching for an Islamic channel, I found your radio programs. I turned the channel at first because I feared that I was sinning. I thought God would punish me. I even prayed a lot that night out of fear.The next day when I opened the radio it was the same channel. I decided to listen for a little longer, but again turned the channel in fear. Then the next day when I woke up, a voice in me said I should turn on the radio and listen to you. So I did. And after seven months of listening to your program, I came to Christ. I love him. He won’t punish me. He forgives me and loves me. It is wonderful. ~Turkish listener, 24 years old

" . . . spreading the fame of His name . . . "