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Stories of God's Grace

Our friends at Rancho del Rey in Mexico write:

January 2019

Dear Friends,

We are excited to introduce our 62nd group of children. And with this group we also introduce Rancho Del Rey's newest logo. Over the years, as you can see, our logo has changed, but our vision, mission and values have endured.

Vision: For children born into extreme poverty to be transformed into adults of purpose, integrity and faith, becoming responsible citizens and leaders who transform their community.

Mission: To rescue, heal, and restore vulnerable and hurt boys, nurturing them in a wholesome family environment where they come to know God's love, learn to love themselves, and their neighbors, and achieve their God-given potential.

Values: Faithfulness, generosity, kindness, empathy, transparency, discerning and creative compassion.

We love to share with you from time to time the stories of the boys who have been transformed into adults of purpose!. As diverse as the logos depicted here, which reflect changes over the years, so are the lives and stories of our children who are now hard-working men, husbands and dads. About a month ago, a group of grown Rancho kids came home to cook hamburgers (a huge treat) for the whole gang. After a delicious meal and a nice cleaned-up kitchen, we sat around a picnic table under a favorite tree and reminisced.  We asked: If it weren't for Rancho Del Rey, where would you be today?  Ivan: "Just surviving." (Today he is a handsome, happy and successful entrepreneur.)  His sister (spent many hours visiting her brother): "Dead. Fifty percent of mychildhood companions are dead, 25% are in jail and 25% are living out of jail."  Gonazlo's mother: "Drunk. But today he is a faithful and kind husband, loving father of 2 young children, works hard, and is a good son." There are hundreds more with similar stories.

Today the need is no less, and there are more opportunities than ever. The Lord has provided abundantly.

" . . . spreading the fame of His name . . . "