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Involvement Survey

To the Goshen Family:

Your Elders would love to receive input from ALL adults in our congregation:  We want to know how you're involved in our church life and how the Lord is leading you to serve in the future.  Toward that end, would you please take a little time (about a half hour total) to complete two surveys and get back to us?  Here's how it works--there are 3 steps:

FIRST, complete the "Discover Your Spiritual Gifts" questionnaire.  This material is provided in two formats (see below--click to download)--if you use the Excel format, it will tally your results for you.

SECOND, complete the "Ministry Involvement Survey" (click below to download the MS Word document, input your responses, then save).  This document will also ask you to indicate your highest ranking spiritual gifts.

THIRD, please email your completed "Ministry Involvement Survey" to the church office (office@goshenbaptist.org) so we can compile the information.

If you complete these materials on paper, please send the completed "Ministry Involvement Survey" to the church office--Goshen Baptist Church, 1451 West Chester Pike, West Chester, PA 19382.

Our overarching purpose here is to help all of us flourish in Christ by using the gifts he's given us to build up the body, the church (1 Corinthians 12:7).  Under-involvement, over-involvement, and serving outside of your areas of gifting are pathways of discouragement.  Your input, then, will help Goshen to thrive as a church that shines Jesus' light and spreads his love.

Thanks for taking the time to provide this information!

~ Your Goshen Elders